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Thema: Warcrab, Crushing Death Metal/Sludge Metal< Älteres Thema | Neueres Thema >
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Total Satan

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Die Briten Warcrab haben ein Video zum Song “DESTROYER OF WORLDS” gedreht und präsentieren euch nachfolgend das Ergebnis. Der Song stammt vom kommenden Album 'Scars of Aeons' welches am 1.Mai über Transcending Obscurity Records veröffentlicht wird.


Death metal meets sludge metal. Sheer heaviness meets grimy riffing. This devastating mix has been invented by the UK band WARCRAB. The songs are laden with a unique kind of groove but not the one that you're familiar with. This is tremendously heavy death-groove that derives from the sludge realm and is expressed with unimaginable force and vigour. The music is pulsating with raw energy that snowballs into something absolutely unstoppable. This is a juggernaut getting into motion. WARCRAB's second full length album is being pressed on CD for the first time and is a mighty precursor for what's to come in the foreseeable future. Prepare to be steamrolled and give up your soul indefinitely.

No Glatz - No Glory
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Enunciator of Evil

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Hmm, auch wenns nicht schlecht ist, mir ist das zu lahm

Feel the weight of the coming pain, anticipate certain death awaits
slow devour of corrosive fear, sink down with the phobia
Endless paranoia
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